Monday, July 2, 2007

getting ready to leave for the beach!

July 2, 2007

Just a few more days and we're off!

Well it's that time of the year, where we try to pack everyone up and head to the beach for a week. We are all so excited to be going back to Montauk , LI, NY this year. If some of you don't know where that is, it is the very tip of L.I., NY. It's referred to as "The End" We've rented a lovely house right on the beach and I just can't wait to get there. There is something about that sound of the ocean that is so tranquil and relaxing, i almost don't need to take my blood pressure medicine...but then again, we are taking our 4 teenagers, and friends so i'd better pack it just in case! lol

I'll try to post some pictures when we get back.

This week is my shopping week...cases of water, soda, beer, and tequilla (love margaretta's on the beach at sunset) will be all be packed. And if there's any room left in the back of the Escalade i'll pack some food. The important things need to go in first!

Dick from HM Stamps promised me that he would have my New Order here before I left. I'm taking some of the new stamped images with me with my gamasol, and prismacolor pencils in case of a rainy day! I'm hoping that i come back with nothing to share with you! lol If you haven't visited his website you really should. he's the best! check his site out!

Great prices and he has the best sence of humor! gotta love it!

Off to go shopping!

May Arts Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon
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