Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Good and One Very naughty dog

My sister came to visit with me on Sunday. She always brings Ruby with her. Ruby is her King Charles Cavalier dog. She's adorable but she is very naughty!
Ruby loves to come to visit. She plays with my lab, Layla. They have a wonderful time together. When it came time for Ruby to leave she kept running away from my sister and kept hiding by my legs. I told my sister to leave her here and that i would bring her home to her on Wednesday! Well, Ruby Foo has been a bad girl! She keeps sneaking off and leaving deposits in my dinning room! So last night I put her into my downstairs bathroom with a gate on the door so that she could deposit no more. Big mistake! now I have to paint my bathroom wall cause she scratched at it! Tomorrow can't come too soon! The next time Ruby stays for a visit she will have to stay in her crate!
This is a picture of the two of them resting. Don't they look so cute? It's amazing how wonderful they are when they are being so peaceful. Ruby reminds me of a poem that my Irish Grandmother used to recite to us when we were younger....There once was a girl who had a curl right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good she was very, very good, but when she was bad she was horrid! I think that that sums up Ruby! LOL

Tony and Marias Wedding

50th Wedding Anniversary! Wow! Such an accomplishment!
My friend Maria struck again! She needed 50 invitations like yesterday. I should have been prepared for this. I knew that this was coming. Miraculously we did manage to get them done and they should be going out in the mail today! whew! The event is June 1st!
my photo of this invitation does not do it justice. They are so pretty in person. We took an original wedding photo and copied them. They were the cut and then matted on vanilla and black card stock and then mounted on SU's shimmery Gold card stock. That paper is absolutely beautiful! We covered the card with a layer of vellum and then tied a sheer shimmery gold ribbon on the top. the hearts were heat embossed with gold ep.
thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

internet problems

sorry i haven't posted in some time. I am having internet problems.
I have been working on some 50th Wedding Anniversary invitations...Maria strikes again and will attempt to post as soon as they are done.
thanks for inquiring if i'm still around! lol

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bar Betties

Card stock...really rust, wild wasabi, SU apple cider dp, river rock, white
ink... SU markers, bb
embellies...ribbon, stickles

Happy April Fools Day!
I wanted to come up with something really clever, but was really feeling totally uninspired. My working conditions are really starting to bother me and I find that it is just too hard to work in a very messy area. I really need to do something about that but don't have the energy to deal with it. So I'm throwing it all away! Ha Ha! April Fools!
This is another stamp image from the American Art Stamp co. I think it's funny. While I was coloring in these two gals I was reminded of a woman my family and I met while we were in Venice, Italy. We were on a yacht departing from the Hotel Cipriani and this couple comes onto the yacht. She and her husband were spending the summer in Venice at the Cipriani. This is one of the most expensive resorts that Venice has to offer, maybe even one of the finest in the world. (We had just stopped there to have one of their world famous Belinis! 6 Belinis cost $150! When my kids asked if they could have another one, my husband and I said in unison "NO!") anyway, they were very nice, but we couldn't help but notice her hair. it was the most outrageous hair color and hair style that we had seen. Bright blue and purple mixed together...not your typical blue rise that the older woman tend to get, and crazily (((is that a word?))) styled, spiked and just all over the place. At first I thought that she was Phyllis Diller! My kids couldn't stop staring at her. I on the other hand couldn't take my eyes off her 6 + carat diamond ring! LOL!
I hope that your all having a magnificient day and that the pranks were kept to a minimum!
thanks for visiting!
Smiles, :)

May Arts Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon
A few of my favorite things