Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tavias charms favorite things

I am excited to create this blog. I don't know what i'm doing yet, but i'm sure that i will figure it all out as time goes by.

You may all be wondering why I use the name Tavias Charms. Well my mother was Ottavia, and those who were close to her called her Tavia.

Sadly she passed away 6 years ago, and the year after she passed away I decided to do something in her name. My mother was from Italy and I started a jewelry business in her name. Tavias Charms. I was a rep for an italian company which imported jewelry from Italy. I thought how great would that be, to sell something that came from her home land!

Remember all of those Italian Charms that were very hot a few years back, well i have plenty of them left. LOL!

My mother was a very creative woman. She oil painted, knitted, was an expert at needlepoint and was a seemstress. She would make all of our clothes, bedspreads, window treatments, everything. And on top of all that she was a fabulous cook. If they had card making back them she would have been at the top of her game.

I still have my little business and it's kind of branched from just selling the jewelry into other things.

I'll be listing ribbons and Prima flowers

May Arts Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon
A few of my favorite things