Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know that most of you have given up on me. I've kind of given up on myself! I just haven't been in the right mood to create anything lately. I know that it will come back to me eventually and I will embrace it when it does.

Pre Prom was a success! The weather was iffy all day. At one point, while I was bringing out the folding tables and the folding chairs from the garage it started to hail! I just stopped doing what I was doing and started yelling at the sky, " Bring it on! Is that all you've got!" My house keeper thought that I was a lunatic. It rained off and on all afternoon. I can't even tell you how many times we wiped down furniture to dry it that day. We waited until 4:45 pm to put the table clothes on all the tables. People started arriving at 5 pm!
All the promies looked so beautiful. The boys were so handsome in their tuxes and the girls were gorgeous! With all the prom attendies and their parents, siblings and grandparents we were about 170 +.
Two party buses pulled up in front of my house at 6:45 ( there was only supposed to be one bus, lots of commotion and tears!) and the kids wouldn't get on the buses! They had decided that they were paying for one large party bus to accommodate all of them and how dare they send two buses and spoil their evening!) I'm like ok guys, this is not the end of the world. Divide and conquer! Don't let this ruin your evening. It's a small part of the night!.... little did I know!) They finally get onto the buses with me almost pushing them on and they finally leave. The event was being held at the Rye Town Hilton which is 10 minutes from my house! I get a frantic call from my daughter that the buses were going the wrong way. They were headed into New York the after prom party. By the time the buses turned around and headed back in the right direction the kids were all an hour late getting to the prom.
The plan was that they were all coming back here to change after the prom so that they could take the buses into NYC and go to a club for after prom. Parents had just left my house at 10:15 pm and I'm cleaning up the kitchen and I hear the buses pull up in front of my house at 10:30! What were they doing back here so early! They were scheduled to arrive here at 12 am not 10:30 pm! They told me that the prom was horrible! The music was terrible and the food was uneatable! 54 kids were partying at my house until 12:30. Again, I'm trying to get them back onto the buses! Finally, they got back onto the buses and headed into NYC for their after prom party. When they arrived they couldn't get into the club. The police had closed the doors, so guess what? they all headed back to my house. I didn't get into bed until 5:15! Totally exhausted!
They all told me that the best time that they had was while they were here! LOL!
these are some pictures of before the prom. I should have taken pictures of in between and after! it was a scene!
enjoy the day!
smiles :)

Zoe, my youngest and Chelsea

Chelsea and Austin (he flew in from London, England to attend the prom)

group shot

group shot



patty w said...

What a night, eh? Lovely photo's of all! How cool that they think you are the best place to be!!

I've not given up on you quite yet! I do miss seeing the critter cards though.. I do so love those! Maybe you need to make yourself do something crafty and it will spark your creativity :))

Have a great weekend. Hugs!

Rosella said...

WOW! Phew! I'm sure you were glad when it was all over. But then, it's good they could feel the confidence of coming to your place to have fun!
Great photos!!

Marilyn said...

My goodness - what a day/night!! At least they'll have stories to tell about it for years to come - and how YOU saved the day!! You are a fabulous mom for doing all this for your kids too!! I'm sure that once all the graduation stuff dies down you'll feel more like creating again. Hugs :)

GinaP said...

wow, that's a lot of kids to be at your house! What a wonderful host you are!

Meanwhile, we haven't given up on you. I know what it's like to not be motivated. It happens. In fact, I was going through that all winter. One day you just have to get back to your crafting area and make one thing. Sometimes just getting back in the saddle will help bring you back. If not, maybe a few times more will do it. Just remember your SBS sistas (me!) are here for you and ready to see what you got when you get it again! Hugz~

Velta said...

You poor dear! I was exhausted after just reading what you went through...However, it sounds like all went well! I have missed you and hope that you get your mojo back!!!

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