Thursday, April 2, 2009

Messy messy messy

Embellies, HM Stampsm reinkers, embossing powders, misc items

more stuff, no room on desk or under desk!

embellie cart

desk, ink, ribbons, prima flowers, papers, markers, etc

more paper, thread, sewing machine

desk, need I say more? ugghhh!

my card rack

Could you work like this? I ask you!? I just can't do it anymore. I used to love going into my
dungeon and stamping. But I am just not enjoying the process anymore. My room is out of control! By looking at this mess you would never believe that I am usually a neat and organized person. I just have too much stuff! Between the sewing projects and the stamping I am just out of room in my little dungeon area. So I will be moving my stamp room into another room that will be just for my stamping stuff. It's going to take me awhile to do it. Right now I am in the basement and I will be moving my things into a study room that we have on the 3rd floor. It's a great room with wonderful natural light. It will really be a beautiful area for me to stamp in. I really can't wait to move everything into the study. I will be so happy there. The one draw back is that i have to clear out that room before I make the move. This is going to take me a long time! You'll be seeing less of me while I am making changes. But once I am moved I will be back with a vengence!
April is a crazy month for me with birthdays, and anniversarys so I will be making a few things here and there. I'll post as I make them.
thanks to all of you who continue to visit me and see what I am up too. I really appreciate you!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Oh My Goodness ... how do you do it??? LOL!! Can't wait to see your "New area" ... too bad I'm not closer ... I would LOVE to help you reorganize and play with all your goodies in the process! Have fun!!

patty w said...

Just box some of that schtuff up and send me ! ;) Since hubbys been out of work since Jan., I've not been able to buy anything! grrr.

I know you will have fun and enjoy your new space once it's all done! It will be well worth the effort, I'm sure!

Laurie Unger said...

OH wow! I'd be happy to take a few things off of your hands! LOL! Isn't it funny how much stuff we seem to collect and then wonder where it all came from??? I can't wait to see your "new" room and that natural light will surely be a benefit too, instead of the dungeon! Have fun discovering all the "stuff" you forgot you had!

Percy said...

Can't wait to see your new area, having natural light would help you a lot! Good luck 'moving'!!!

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