Saturday, March 8, 2008

Junior Prom

This is the first batch of guys to arrive. My son, Stephen is on the left!

Here are all the guys...we tried to fit them all in!

this is Stephen and his date, Deanna. She's such a pretty girl. I wish my son had buttoned his jacket! ugghhhh! what are you going to do!

Last night was my 16 year old sons Junior Prom. Everyone looked so handsome! I usually see all these boys in their jeans and t shirts. Seeing them all in suits was a real treat. They clean up well don't they?
I was suffering from a migraine yesterday afternoon when my son informed me at 4 o'clock in the afternoon that all his buddies were coming to our house to take photos before they went to the pre prom party! I could barely lift my head off the pillow to respond. At 5 o'clock there were at least a dozen boys here with their parents. I didn't even have a cracker to offer to anyone! LOL! I wanted to strangle my son!
Smiles :)


Patty said... handsome! Great looking bunch of kids!

Hope you are feeling better! I've been fighting the crud!

Velta said...

Lorraine ~ Your son is just as handsome as can be...I had to LOL when I read what you said about all of them coming to your place to have photos taken...Been there, done that... :)

laos348 said...

Very handsome! The kids look so great dressed up!

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