Friday, March 28, 2008

VAKA? LOL! I don't think so....

I'm back from Malibu! And let me tell you that i am totally exhausted! 8 days of cleaning, laundry and cooking! LOL! I arrived in Malibu on Monday, rented my car and had a lovely drive to the Pepperdine Campus. It was too early to check into my room so I went over to my sons condo to check it out and I needed to unpack the Corn Beefs and all the Girl Scout Cookies that I smuggled. As I walked into the kitchen my feet were sticking to the floor and the smell of pinesol brought me to my knees! Apparently that was the only cleaning product that the boys had in the house and they attempted to clean the entire condo with it! I am kind of a clean freak, even though I don't like to do it and have someone at home to do it for me I did not have anyone to help me in California. They had a mop that didn't work and a broken broom. I had yet to discover where they hid the vacuum that was purchased for them. Their refrigerator had nothing in it but 15 mayo jars, one item that was undistinguishable and dust balls. I spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the kitchen just so that i could cook the Corn Beef. I was not going to do any cooking in that kitchen while my feet stuck to the floor. It took me two days to clean the downstairs of their condo. I did not attempt to clean up their bedrooms! OMG! No Way!
There are no craft stores in Malibu! Nothing! And I didn't have the time for that anyway.
My sister called me while i was cleaning and she said why don't you just take a break, go back to your hotel and lounge by the pool and have a drink. I had to laugh. I was not at a resort. There was no pool with a lounge chair and there was no alcohol permitted on campus.
I shopped everyday at Ralphs, the local grocery store...made friends with the produce man and the checkout people got to know me I was there so often. They'd tease me and ask me how many I was cooking for that day. I never knew. I do know that the first night there had to be about 15 college students ready for a home cooked meal.
When I came home I told my husband that i was going to start a new business. It's going to be called the TLC College Boot Camp. Don't have time to visit your child in College? Do they need some home cooked meals and a push to help them get their work done? Hire me! I'll travel and while i'm feeding them some healthy food kick their butts into shape! Sounds like a plan to me! LOL!
I did enjoy spending time with my son and his friends. And especially enjoyed visiting with my sister and my nephew for Easter.
These are some pictures that I took while I was campus. I had a lovely view from my room.
I'll be trying to get into my stamp room to relax for a little while today. I still don't know which time zone I'm in!
Smiles :)


Patty W said...

My girlfriends back and there's gonna be trouble...hey la , hey hey la ! Just kiddin'....that song popped into my mind when I saw a new post !!

Wow..what a great Mom you are ! Cleaning , cooking for all those boys! Great photos!

Unpacking corn beefs and Girl Scout cookies!...what a picture that conjures up! Wonder if they have any stories to tell ?! LOL

Glad you're back!

Danyelle Kessler said...

You are fantabulous "MOM"...spending your visit cleaning up your son's condo. My little boy is 4 and I dread the day he is able to make bigger messes. He would love the idea of being stuck to the floor, though, that's a hoot!

Marilyn said...

YOU are such a great mom - wow! What a trooper to cook and clean for your son - I know all those kids appreciated the great meals you cooked - they're probably really missing you now!! Hope you have recovered from your working vacation!!

Kerry J. said...

Oh you are such a good mom! At least they tried to clean before you got there! You must be exhausted and you'll need another vacation from your vacation!!

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh you are a very very nice Mom, Lorraine!

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