Thursday, March 6, 2008

Burnt Chicken

This is what 60 yards of May Arts Sheer Polka Dot Ribbon looks like. This is going out to Joan B who won my blog candy. Congrats again! You're going to love this bundle. It is probably one of my favorites! The sheerness of the ribbon allows you to use it with almost any project and I find that it coordinates with the SU card stock very well. I get so frustrated when I purchase ribbon from M's and then get it home and can't find anything to use it with!

I am working on another card, in fact I burnt our dinner tonight! I was downstairs working on the card. I had started dinner a little early today, knowing that i had a busy late afternoon ahead of me. I was very absorbed on my design and I completely forgot that i had the chicken cooking on top of the stove. My house keeper started yelling for me to come up cause the chicken needed more juice. I ran upstairs and sure enough all the juices had evaporated and the bottom of the pot was black. It's going to take me 3 days to scrub this pot clean! LOL!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!
I'm going back into the dungeon so I can finish this card!

Smiles :),


Marilyn said...

I love this ribbon - it looks amazing - I sure wish I had won - where do you buy this ribbon from? A girl can never have too much ribbon!!

Lizette said...

Burnt chicken, this my dh would call "crow meat". Yes we've been there too ! LOL At least you have a good excuse !
Congrats to the ribbon winner !

Lorraine said...

Marilyn asked where I get my ribbon from...I purchase it directly from the May Arts Ribbon Company. If anyone is interested I do have a few shares left of each ribbon. :)

Patty W said...

OMgosh...that ribbon is so gorgeous!! I'm jealous :)

Anonymous said...

love love love that ribbon! Lucky Joan!

Jen said...

Congrats to Joan. Sorry I missed a chance at THIS blog candy...LOVE this ribbon!

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May Arts Ribbon
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