Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An uninvited guest

My husband and I got an invitation in the mail, but it's not really an invitation to a party. Very strange! LOL! ok, here's the story. We get this invitation informing us of our friends 5oth birthday, and how they are going on vaka with friends and relatives to celebrate his birthday, and while we are not invited to attend the festivities, we are asked to please send a card so that we can be there in spirit. This came from our friends wife, and i don't think our friend knows anything about this request because I'm supposed to send the card to a third party. I think it's very odd, don't you? or am I taking this the wrong way??? But hey, everyone needs a birthday card, and since it is for his 50th I decided to participate!
I immediately thought of Mr. Billingsworth from Eat Cake Graphics. And since i'm still in the patriotic mood he's red, white and blue. ON the inside of the card i used a sentiment from ECG. It reads...It's important to keep an open mind. But not so open that your brains fall out.... and then in very small print i wrote happy birthday. I thought that that was perfect! LOL.
My janome sew mini still had red thread in it so I went to town. However I did discover that you cannot sew through 9 layers of card stock. who knew? lol! It will jam the machine.
See you around!
Smiles :)
PS...don't forget about the blog candy in my previous post. Your going to love it!


specialcraftmom4 said...

That is really odd about the send a card (: You were very nice to do it. That is a really cute/funny card!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Yeah. That's weird.

Ok, so I can't get your email link to work because I don't have an email client set up on my laptop and it won't go to my yahoo mail. Can you pm your email address to me? I'm Sairabee on SCS. We'll get this figured out eventually!

Michele Zwart said...

Cute card! But the whole uninvited, but send a card thing is so strange!

Lori J said...

This card is so cute. I love what you did and it seems perfect for a 50th male bday. :0)

I think it probably would have been better to not mention the festivities if you weren't invited and just word it as wanting to shower the "Bday Boy" with cards. But, you are very sweet to send one anyway, even though it was a bit odd.

Rhonda said...

Yes I totally think that is a strange request. The card is fabulous though, very nice of you to make one to send.

patty w said...

Kind of puts a different spin on a card shower now, doesn't it! Weird.

The card is great though ! Going to have to put a Janome on my wish list! Love the patriotic colors.

You do such nice work!

cheryl said...

Great card...I'll remember that about the 9 layers of c/s if I ever get my sewing machine fixed.

For my mom's 70th birthday, I asked for memories or photos that could be put in a scrapbook for her and I didn't get many responses. It's nice that you're sending a card no matter how odd the 'invite' seemed.

laos348 said...

That was quite a strange non-invite. She would have done better just to ask for people to send cards and leave it at that. I love what you came up with - very cute.

Jess said...

So cute! My dad's next birthday is his 50th and he doesn't even like us to mention it, but he would get a kick out of a card like this!

Joan B said...

This story and card are both cracking me up. I love the colors with this superhero card! And, I'm amazed at this stitching!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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