Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Birthday Invitation

Here's the update about the birthday invitations that i have been making. On Monday, as my sister in laws and I were making Chiccuciadada's ( the spelling isn't even close...they are Sicilian Fig Cookies) my one sister in law starts talking about her mom, and her birthday is coming up, and she needed to think about invitations...well , i just jumped right in and said, " I'll make them! How many do you need?!" and she said, "oh, about 25" and i said ok, i can do that. and she said, but i need to mail them out by Friday! and i swallowed hard. OK...I can still do this. (I just love her mother, and Paula is not just my sister in law, she's more like a real sister, ykwim?) Paula told me that her mother's favorite color is peach. So after making cookies all morning I drove home and started to think about what i could do. I wanted to make a pretty card, but they couldn't be too involved cause i didn't have alot of time to do them. (We live an hour away from each other, and my sil has 2 yr old twins so you can imagine what the schedules are like!) Peach kept ringing in my head. What does SU have that is peachy? Ahhh, Apricot Appeal. So I started cutting up paper for 26 cards, started stamping toille blossoms with groovy guava, started layering, cuttlebugged, glued, sponged and tied ribbon, and about 10- 12 hours later they were all done! My sil came over yesterday and with the twins and picked them up. She loved them...I hope her mom likes them. And Paula, if you read this....Hugs and Kisses. I love you!


Niki said...

Those are so pretty! I love the embossing and that stamp set!

Kerry J. said...

That's so sweet of you! They are beautiful! I especially love the sponging you did - it looks great!

Whimsey said...

Love the colors; so soft and pretty!

Michelle said...

Oh wow, Lorraine. You have such a way with ink! The way you add the extra dimension and detail amazes me. I need to start doing more of this kind of thing with my cards. This is AWESOME!

Lori J said...

these turned out fabulous! That was very sweet of you to offer to do that.

laos348 said...

This came out so pretty - love the colors.

ktstamps said...

Great cards! Well done. You sister is supporting you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! kt

dd2njoy said...

Love the color combo,you did a great job!!!!!!

sushilsingh said...

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