Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ohh La La

The other day while i was stalking at TJ Max I found this really pretty shoe box. It was pink, black, white and vanilla and had the greatest print of shoes on it. I thought, wow, i could so make a card like this. So I came home and started thinking and realized that i didn't have a good shoe image to use. I have SU Steppin Style, but those images were too small, although they are great to stamp the envie!

I searched and found the perfect stamp to use and ordered it from it arrived in something like 3 days. So here are the projects that i worked on today, using my new stamp from Stamps Happen, Art in Motion, En Vogue Shoe. TFL!


Whimsey said...

VERY cute; love the shoe!!! Do you have a subscription button on your blog? I'd love to subscribe and get updates along with the other blogs I stalk. LOL!

Alana said...

Okay, this is TOO fabulous. I love the shoe image and embellishment! BTW, I've added you to my blog roll. Welcome to SBS!

Michelle said...

Oh, those shoes are too awesome! Tres chic!

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