Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did you miss me?

Hi everyone! well i'm back! lol.
Thanks to all of you who were inquiring about me!
My sister and i had a wonderful time in Florida. It was so great to just get away from it all. We had some lovely weather and not so lovely weather. 2 days of wind and lots of rain. One morning as we took our coffee out onto the balcony the wind was so strong it blew my nightgown up to my neck. I just looked at my sister and laughed. We quickly went back into my dads apartment! I suggested that we go down to the beach anyway! We could sand blast some pounds off us. LOL! Then the rain started and continued for the rest of that day into the next until the late afternoon. There was not much to do! By 2 pm I was ready to go out of my mind. So i grabbed an umbrella and my sister and we walked down to Howard Johnsons...it's situated right across from the beach...and surprise Happy Hour started early! Margarettaville here we come! 2 hours later the sun came out and we were back to being very happy. do you think the tequilla had anything to do with it? lol
My father and his wife, Maria live in Deerfield Beach in a gorgeous ph apartment on the beach. Here are some photos. A few were taken while I was sitting on the beach and there is one view of my fathers building. His apartment is the very top with the huge balcony! What an amazing view from up there.
I came home and we had a snow storm! So i'm including some pictures of my yard covered in snow. The first photo is a side view of my front porch and yard, the second photo is a view of my carriage house and Layla, my 7 year old chocolate lab. the next photo is also of my back yard. see the park bench? In front of it is a bacci ball court covered in snow!
I plan on getting back into my craft room and start making some stuff with my new stamps that i ordered from SU. Keep posted!
I've missed you all!


Stampin' Meg said...

Great photos- what a hoot about the wind and your night gown! You should have packed some stamps for those rainy days. I love your labbie out in the snow!

Patty W said...

Yippee, you're back !

LOL on the nightgown !

The photo's are gorgeous and I'm ready for Spring! We are getting the snowstorm too. The kids are home from school today. Unfortunately everyone is "under the weather" (What a saying!) so nobody is up to playing in the snow!

Can't wait to see your new stamps!

Aimee said...

those photos are great even the snow covered ones... I'm hoping to go to FL to visit family sometime this summer...

Marilyn said...

What a contrast!! The beautiful sunny pictures and then the snow - man - sorry you didn't have such great weather in Florida but I'm glad you enjoyed the time with your family - so glad you're back - always love your creations!!

Rosella said...

Welcome back Lorraine! Glad you had a good vacation! Sorry the weather was not so great when you got back, but spring is on its way (I think).

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