Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some RAK's received

Thank you for giving me the feedback about the ribbon blog candy. I will draw another winner tomorrow and set a certain amount of time to hear from the winner, as suggested! I will also include any new comments left on this post and the previous one.
I joined the RAK group recently and received these lovely cards...and one is from my SBS sis Amy. Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday! My birthday was on February 19th. it was wonderful to receive all of these lovely cards. They each brought a smile to my face! I feel so lucky to have received these.
Thanks for taking the time and visiting with me today.
This is from my SBS sis, Amy wishing me a Happy Birthday!

Ladybug Welcome is from Linda Palmer to welcome me to the RAK group on SCS

Skiing Penquin, another RAK welcome from JenStudio29

Cherry Hello is from my Birthday twin, Romancechick

Floral Hello from JBgreendawn, another welcome to the RAK group


Patty W said...

Happy Birthday Lorraine !!!

Wish I would of known, I'd of baked you a cake ! :))

Lovely cards..especially like the ladybug one!

Kerry J. said...

Happy belated birthday Lorraine! Looks like you had a great time away!!

Stampin' Meg said...

Wowie- look at all that happy mail!
You will love wish rak-it's a bit complicated at first but then it's AWESOME!

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May Arts Ribbon
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