Sunday, February 3, 2008

Woohooo! No Mohawk!

As some of you may have read on my previous post my son is out of danger of sporting a Mohawk. He has, however had the honor of shaving his friends head! Oh to be so young and stupid again! LOL!
We were celebrating wildly in our house...and i've got to tell you that my blood pressure was extremely high, especially in the last few minutes of the game. i thought that i was going to explode. what an exciting game! But enough on that...i could go on and on about how our team played the game. they were amazing!
as promised I am announcing the winner of my blog candy for the ribbon. by random number picker, the number picked was 9. So Deb, please let me know which share of ribbon you would like and i will get it into the mail for you. I am leaving for a trip the end of the week, and would love to mail it out before i go.
I've been working on something creative, hopefully they'll be done tomorrow and i can post.
Wohoo! Giants! We are number one! sorry, i just can't help myself!
Hope you all had a wonderful day


Patty W said...

Whew !! Was that a game or what !!

Congratulations! No MOHAWK !

Wow... It was so dang close.!

WooHoo GiantS!

Velta said...

Lorraine ~ What a funny story about your son!! Cannot wait to see what you have been working on! Great game! Go Giants!!

Marilyn said...

Hi Lorraine!! So glad your son didn't have to sport a Mohawk!! Thanks for your comments on my site - your black belt card is just too cute too!!

RockyMountainStamper (aka Melissa) said...

Hooray!!! I'm so, so, SO glad your son didn't wind up with a mohawk! I'll just bawl if/when my sons do something crazy with their hair. However, if that's the worst thing they do, I "guess" I could live with it!

What a great day!!!

scfranson said...

I can't see the name of who won because the music player is in the way (on your blog). Help !

Lorraine said...

Comment # 9 won. Her name is Deb. If i don't hear from her i will pick another winner!

Kerry J. said...

So glad that you averted a hair disaster!! Too funny!

Stampin' Meg said...

COngrats on escaping the mohawk. I told my 16 year old- you can do anything that you want to your hair but NO tattoos or piercings!!!!!!

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