Monday, November 3, 2008

Marlene, The Stamper!

I don't have anything new to share with you from this weekend. It was a little busy here.
On Sunday, I was going to stamp with my sister but I ended up cutting out all of her stamp sets from Gina K, putting all her paper trey stamp sets into cds and spraying tack it over all over the backs of all her Bella stamps from the cruise. She in now more organized than I am!
Before we left for the cruise my sister was ambivalent about the stamping part of the cruise. I think her words were something like, you know you can have all my stuff, what am I going to do with it?
I forced her to go to the meet and greet to pick up her goodie bag, and as soon as we got back to our cabin she packed everything away. She had no intention of using anything. She even told me, you take it all home! lol
She did not come with us to the first stamping class that was held during the day, she played bingo instead. But after dinner we forced her to come with us to our 10 pm class!
We arrived late to StampingBella's class and had to split up. I took a seat with some wonderful ladies, Kim, her friend and I'm sorry I forgot her name, and Garnet. Everyone was so nice. I'm stamping away and Emily from Stamping Bella tells me that I am needed by my sistah! Marlene had Emily making her project for her and let her have it when one of the sentiments didn't stamp evenly. YOu have to stamp the sentiment before you put on your embellishment! Then she's working with some Dazzling everyone else is funneling the diamond dust back into the little containers. Not Marlene, she just takes the sheet of paper and dusts the floor with all the sparkly stuff. I just lost it. I was laughing so hard, stamping my feet, pounding on the wall! I thought that's it, we're not going to be permitted to come back to this class. We were so loud and obnoxious! But at the end of class, Emily told me that we had better come back! She and Nicky got the biggest kick out of my sistah! Emily also introduced us to Michelle and Irene and we quickly became friends!
The next day we had to drag Marlene to classes, but now she's hooked!
I will be trying to get some stamping done today!
Have a good one!
Smiles :)

P.S. See my new picture? Emily from Stamping Bella made me change it! LOL!


patty w said...

You tell Marlene , she can share with me if she likes ! But apparently, she's decided to keep it all herself!

Yes.. the new pic is just cute as can be! I love your hair!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look so young. I love the story about your sister...that is exactly what I did with glitter my first time using it. TFS

Ann said...

Heehee! Keep those cruise stories comin'! BTW, I love your new pic! :D

p.s. I'm giving away blog candy if you're interested.

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