Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paper Craft Planet

There's so much excitment going on with a site called Paper Craft Planet. It's an online community for paper crafters and most likely all of your favorite stamping companies have their own group there. Please click on the craft planet badge on the top right, join and become my friend. It's so easy to do and it's free. There are some very creative wonderful ideas happening over there. I hope to get your request to be my friend!

on another note, here are some more cruise photos to share with you!

Gianni, Susie and Adian...there's a story...see bottom of this post!

The Stamping Rock Stars and their families

Our last night dinner at the Italian Restaurant with old and new friends

me, Elizabeth (she's the quiet one) and Marlene formal night

Me, Emily (Stamping Bella) and Marlene

Ok so here's the story. The yound man in the first photo, the one in the orange shirt...for some reason he just loves orange and wears it everyday...was supposed to be on his Honeymoon. The day before the ship set sail he said his wedding vows and his fiance walked out of the church. No wedding! The reception was held and he decided to still come on the cruise. The poor thing was supposed to be on his Honeymoon! Well, let me tell you, we took him under our wings. We were the Cougars That Care! LMAO! He was such a sweetie...he joined us for dinner in the dinning room ( he was surrounded by 12 woman!), hung out with us on the beach, danced with us in the Disco, and we introduced him to some yound woman his age. I think that all in all he ended up having a good time on his nonHoneymoon!
Have a great day!
Smiles :)


patty w said...

Poor guy !

I'll have to check out the new Planet !

Deb said...

omgoodness! Poor fella! I'm SO glad you girls took care of him! It looks like you had such an incredibly fabulous time!

Donna said...

that really stinks - so sweet of y'all to take him under your wings (Cougars that care - that made me lol) looks like there was lots of fun to be had there!

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