Thursday, October 11, 2007

do you think anyone saw me?

I couldn't resist...i think that this image is's a classic! I was going to embellish the card and thought that "Stella" was enough woman for this card front. I even broke out my stash of the new color cs...I think i only left out 2 ....sometimes i tend to just hoard things and don't use them because they're new...that makes no sense, right? It's kind of like when your eating and you save your favorite thing in the dish to eat last....

i think that my favorite new color is the purely pom...grovey gauve's not so bad either....and then again i love river rock and wild wasabi. feel free to let Stella know what you think of her eating all the olives out of the martinis! the nerve of some people!

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May Arts Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon
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