Monday, October 29, 2007

some new stuff

I've been working on altering $1 notebooks and journals, and clipboards. These have been so much fun to do. There is also a packet that holds 6 coordinating cards. So are the directions!

Take a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Place paper in front of you so that the 11" side is on the top and bottom. Score paper so that it is equal on both sides. Open up paper and score 2" from the bottom of the 11". Measure 1" on each side of the scored line that is in the middle of the paper and make a diagonal cut up to the center score. Your cut should resemble an inverted V. Fold cards and envelope on both sides of the packette. For the band I cut a 12" piece of designer paper 2" and another piece of coordinating paper 1" and layered. I wrapped the band loosley around the packette and used my anywhere glue stick to adhere the bands together, not on the packette. You want to be able to slide it off and on! I decorated the band with a little ribbon, and punched out some dp and a scallop and put it on top of the band. A very easy project! Thanks for looking!


Sherry Cheever said...

Love these projects! Each one are just fabulous!

Tish said...

Really nice gift sets ... love the black & white set. Really beautiful.

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