Thursday, October 4, 2007

to blog or not to blog?

well today i read a post on scs about blogging and thought to myself, what are you doing. if i am not the only one reading this you will know what i mean. i don't know how to post anything on here the right way. pictures are all over the place, posts are all over the place, i'm just happy that somehow they get saved and not lost. (this is the 3rd time i am writting this post!)
anyway, getting ready for a craft fair. i can't believe how much money you are able to spend so that you can set yourself up to make some money! lol so far i have made 34 sets of tile coasters and still working on them, a few altered journals, some mini chipboard coaster thingies...i'll try to post a picture. it's exhausting! but it's so fun to be creative , which kind of gets back to the title of this post, to blog or not to blog! should i be blogging? if i look at some of the blogs out there and see all the wonderful cards and other artistic creations that are out there, especially since i'm stalking them, i wonder if i should blog at all. Not that i don't think what i come up with is not good, after all i did come up with it, and if i made it i usually love it, you may not love it, and that's ok. Do i blog to see how much traffic comes through, and give out blog candy to the first 10 people to visit...actually i was very surprised to even see that i had 5 comments on my blog! lol i finally figured out how to view maybe i don't know how to blog, but i'm sure having fun talking to myself!

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CAKVD said...

I think your creations are FABULOUS!!! You should be blogging!!!
Cheryl KVD

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May Arts Ribbon
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