Friday, December 28, 2007

Mama's Boy

Meet Mama's Boy. He was a gift from my two sons, and i just had to share this with you. My 19 and 16 year old sons asked me what i wanted for Christmas. I told them that what i really wanted was a long plane know the one that Martha and Rachel always use? So off they go to the Westchester Mall. They came back with all sorts of bags and boxes and made me leave the kitchen so I wouldn't see what they were coming in with. They had this big box covered with their jackets. I'm not allowed into the dinning room where they are wrapping their gifts...i kept trying to sneak a peek, but they had their sisters guarding the door. So this odd shaped box gets wrapped and put under the tree. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what it could was big and it had a funny shape.
Christmas morning while we were exchanging gifts i just had to open this one first because the shape of the box had me so intrigued! When i opened the box it was a bear from Build a Bear workshop, and they dressed it so cute, and it even speaks...Merry Christmas Mom, love, John and Stephen. I started cracking up. I just pictured the two of them in the build a bear store running around picking out the skin, the heart, the stuffing. The worker made them close their eyes, kiss the heart and put it into the bear. Now these are two big guys. Both of them are over 6 foot tall, and the younger guy is like a bull in a china shop. he's huge. I just thought that it was so sweet of them! I wish that i had a video of them in the Build a Bear Store. how funny would that be? LOL!
My one daughter gave me a gift certificate for a mani and pedi, and my other daughter made me a beautiful pendant in jewelry class at school. And my husband was just so wonderful. he stuffed my stocking with the Rubber Romance Stamps and a check made out to Cruise One to pay off my balance for the cruise that i am going on next October with Gina K, Emmiebella and a whole bunch of wonderful cosmetics and creams from the Borghesse LIne. He knows i love to pamper myself that way, and since i started stamping...well let's just say that i haven't been into Bloomingdales in 2 years!
I'm going into my studio to work with another Rubber Romance Diva and then i have to make some thank you cards. I'll post when i've got the creative juices flowing!


Stampmouse said...

ahhh that is so sweet

Aunt T said...

What a special gift. I collect teddy bears and I our youngest son made me a Build A Bear for Christmas of his freshman year at college. He went to school in Myrtle Beach and when we vacationed there (before his college days) I would stand in line for hours each vacation just to make a bear. The thought of him hopping on one foot, kissing the heart, etc. put a smile on my face when I opened him that Christmas morning. Mine is donning a beautiful red velvet coat. How special your sons must be.


Alana said...

How cute that your sons would build a bear for you. Of course, they probably didn't have the option of a crafty bear holding rubber stamps and ink!

I'm so jealous of your cruise! That will be hard to wait for, I'm sure.

Michelle said...

What a sweet bear, and an even sweeter story! Much better than a kitchen tool, even if it is a really cool tool!

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