Thursday, December 6, 2007

No New Stamps Yet! But More Candy!

My new stamp sets have not arrived, and well i am so anxious to play with them...and it's not like i really have the time to play, i just want to.

Yesterday was spent with my friend Cathy whose husband has cancer...she is just hopeful that he will make it until January and that he will go peacefully. It is so sad. I cooked all day for's what we Italians do!

Today I am spending with my sister in laws and my sister, and tomorrow I will be behind a table at a Craft Fair in New York City. I'm really excited about that. After the craft fair my husband is going to meet me and we're going to a famous restaurant called Delmonico's and then to see the tree!

I'll work on some projects this weekend and post them as soon as I can! Thanks to all of you for listening to me today.

Oh...and since i'm close to 2000 visits I've decided to give away some more Blog Candy. Got Primas? I do! Leave a comment and you may have some too. I'll pick a winner by random draw on Tuesday! Just wait to see what i do when i hit 5000! LOL!


Marilyn said...

Hi Lorraine! So sorry to hear about your friend's husband - what a wonderful thing you did for her - just being with her - enjoy your trip to New York City - you lucky girl!! Will be checking back to see more of your site!!

Whimsey said...

Hey friend; how are you doing? I hope your craft show goes great this weekend!!

We lost a dear friend, age 34, to cancer yesterday morning. So very hard to let go!

Take care; can't wait for your new stamps to arrive. WHEE!!

JenMarie said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your friend. You are a dear friend!
Isn't it soo hard to wait for new goodies??!! I'm waiting on my dew drops and glitter pens now, both are new items for me so I'm going crazy waiting!!!
Merry Christmas and God Bless!!

Stampin' Meg said...

Good luck with the crafts fair. I am so sorry to hear about your friends hubby.

Lori J said...

I am sorry for your friend Cathy. Cancer is such a horrible disease! Food always does seem to help us feel better. :0)

Elaine said...

I just read about your craft fair in nyc - that is much like seattle! I'm sorry that tree grew legs and walked off in a cab with someone! :( I hope the event was successful in any case. Take care and thanks for sharing with us!

dd2njoy said...

That is so sad that someone took off with your tree!!! I hope Santa's watching him or her!!!
Thanks for the chance at those lovely primas!!

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