Monday, June 23, 2008

Hair all over

from me pulling it out from working on a Graduation card for my daughter, Chelsea. I can not even begin to tell you how much paper has been wasted attempting to make this card. I have murmured over and over, it's only paper, it's only paper! lol! My chair kept leaning back in my craft room looking at my box that holds all my Halloween stamps. Every color combo with orange and black looks to me like it should have a ghoul on it. I've just got to walk away from it for a little while. Perhaps in the morning things will start looking up.
Chelsea is at her College orientation and is staying overnight so I had a little time to work on her card today without her peering over my shoulder. She is the real artist in the family. She received a scholarship from the Arts Council in White Plains for her artistic ability. I can't bounce off ideas on her for this one. I'm on my own. Tomorrow is another day...hopefully it'll be productive.
I just had to get out my frustration. thanks for listening. It's always that ones that are most important to you that give you the most trouble. (i'm talking about the card making and not my daughter! lol)
Here's a picture of Chels at the gallery with one of her pieces.


AnnMarie said...

Wow! Your daughter is amazing! : ) I feel your pain! The hardest cards to make are for the people that you care the most for! Happy graduation!! I am sure you will make the perfect card! : )

Whimsey said...

WOW; Chelsea rocks as an artist; I've got to show this to my oldest daughter. She had a piece in a local museum; not near as incredible BUT hey for an 11 yr. old - we'll take it!

Way to go Chelsea!!!

patty w said...

She is GORGEOUS !! But then , all of your children are! Just like their Momma!

She seems to have her Mothers talent too! That is incredible! How proud you and Big Daddy must be :)

Tell her Congratulations for me and give her big hugs! Wow..way to go Chelsea!

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