Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a little chirp

Can you believe that a bird built a nest in my planter on my front porch? Not only did it build a nest, but laid it's eggs and now their hatched. So tiny and so cute. I'm scared to get any closer to the nest. I don't want mommy to abandon her babies.


Mary Dawn said...

aww, so sweet! it's like national geographic on your porch :)

patty w said...

Aww...what a tweetie pie! I love birds! Have had the best time this week watching them in the bird bath! So much fun!

GinaP said...

wow, what an interesting place to find a nest! How precious is that new life though? I pray all goes well for those babies.

Velta said...

GREAT Pictures Lorraine!!! I had a nest in my fern on my front porch once, and when I went to water the fern, the mother came screeching out. Needless to say, I just let the fern die so she and her brood could be happy.

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh my- I am sure that must be very good luck to have a bird family on your porch!

ktstamps said...

This is so sweet! Your nest is sooo swesome.
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