Friday, September 19, 2008

Brayer and Sponged Halloween

Here are two more cards that I made for Halloween. I used the set Spooky Silhouettes from Gina K Designs.
I have a few more to make to send out to my nieces and nephews and then I'm done, and the Halloween box can go away. The funny thing is...I don't like Halloween! When I was a kid I loved it. I can remember my mother making our costumes and we were always something special. I think my favorite costume was when I was a Geisha Girl. My mother put the most amazing make up on me, and at 8 years old I was in love with that! I had to wear a black wig..with chop sticks sticking out of it! I was a tow head when I was younger. I took little steps to the door, rang the doorbell and said arigato! LOL!
Now, this year Halloween is on a Friday night. My doorbell will start ringing as soon as we sit down for dinner and will continue to ring even after I turn the light off at 10 pm. I love seeing the kids dressed up, but what really gets me going is when an adult is holding a 3 month old baby in one arm and the pillow case in the other and says trick or treat. I just want to scream...Is that baby going to eat this Hershey Bar?
Last year we had over 100 trick or treaters. This year, because of the Friday night, we'll probably get more. I swear, they bus them in to my neighborhood. and it's not like the houses are close together, they're not. they have alot of walking to do. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it!
Yes, I'm the scrooge of Halloween!
Smiles :)

***I got the idea for the bats using the photo corner punch from Melmel on SCS. See her original card here. I messed up when I was punching so I just cut away my mistake, and believe it or not the card still stands! lol***


Jess said...

The bats with the corner punch--how GREAT is that???!!!!!

Whimsey said...

Great cards; love them both! Love your blog layout too - you can tell I haven't visited in awhile eh? LOL

Melmel has GREAT ideas, doesn't she!!

Have a great weekend. Hugs, ~M.

Lesa said...

Those little google eyes are so cute! I don't so much love Halloween either. We live just outside of the city. Kinda in a country setting. We have a full acre of ground but their are 20 houses on our street, which is a dead ender. Each home has an acre. We hardly get any trick or treaters. Seriously. I have resorted to giving away packages of microwave popcorn to the kids. I get them at Sam's club. The kids love it and I am not feeding the sugar thing. Hee hee. Your Halloween cards are so cute! Did you get the papertrey site I gave you?

Amanda Sewell said...

Very cool and totally creepy looking cards! I love what you did here!!!

Gabby said...

LOL the Scrooge of Halloween! I am SO the opposite! We go all out (because I brain wash hubby EVERY YEAR ;))! We don't eat all the the good one! The rest my mom "donates" to a center she goes to and to her clinic so the patients waiting have something to suck or chew on before they go in to see the Love the cards!

Stephanie said...

wow, just love these.. great and very spooky looking.

Jean said...

The blue weeping willow card is deliciously creepy. How about trying some perfect pearls for the moons?

patty w said...


I feel the same way about the adults...I've had some say, myd 5yr old is at home sick! duh..maybe they don't need candy then! But... I tell myself, it's only a piece of candy...hand it over! LOL Whatever.

Michelle said...

So cool! I love the tree and especially love the wiggly eyes! That gives me a great idea for a Halloween card swap I'm in! I needed something for the black background!! TFS!

Mandy said...

Oooh... Spooky and BEAUTIFUL!!

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