Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coffee with Glitter

I wanted to work on one more card so that I could schedule a post for you while I was away. I really struggled with this card. Ugghhh, I kept trying to fix it and the more I did to it the more messed up it got.
And that got me to thinking...I wonder what these stamp companies think when they see an ugly card made with their designs. Do you think that they put you on "may not ever purchase from us again list"? LOL! I mean, if it were me, and I designed a beautiful image that was meant to be worked with in such a beautiful way and then see someone butcher it, and turn it ugly, I would have to say to myself, "OMG...I hope she doesn't buy anymore of my stamps! "
So to all the people at Flourishes, I do apologize for this card, it just didn't come together for me like I wanted it too! and please let me continue to buy. I'll try to do better! LOL

paper...creamy caramel, rose red, choc chip, white
embellishments...ribbon, glitter, clear ep, brads


lauren said...

well i can TOTALLY relate to what you are saying, only last night i finished a card which soooooooo does not look like the picture that was in my head! :( but you know, sometimes, when you give it time, you forget about what you were TRYING to make, you find that you actually *like* what you made instead!

this card is bright and sparkly and exuberant and for pete's sake IT'S A ONE-OF-A-KIND LORRAINE CREATION!!!!! the person in whose mailbox this appears will be thrilled to bits, of that i am positive!

patty w said...

You are way too hard on yourself!

Ann said...

Glitter and ribbon works for me! I love it! :D

Gina said...

thanks for the laugh! have wondered that same thing! I like your card though. I sometimes get the picture in my mind and if it doesn't turn out that way I am not satisfied either.

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