Thursday, August 21, 2008

Athens, Greece

Our next two stops were in Katakolon (Olympia...where the olympics started) and Athens.
In Katakolon, we ventured off the ship to do a little sight seeing and some shopping. My husband hates to shop. He thinks it's like getting teeth pulled! We found a restaurant on the water and sat down to eat an amazing lunch of octopus, squid and fresh caught fish. Everything was yummy. The owner of the restaurant was the captain of the pilot boat that leads the ship into port. And sitting next to us was the captain of our ship! He was enjoying his time off the ship with his wife and two sons. The owner of the restaurants name was Stephanos so my husband tells him in Greek that he is also called Stephanos. Well, you would have thought that we were all best friends and long lost relatives! Before we left he gives us a beautiful bottle of wine from his family's vineyard. They only make 200 bottles a year and we are the proud owners of one!
Athens was amazing. Seeing the ruins of the Acropolis and the Parthenon were incredible. I did convince my husband to do a little shopping at the Plaka. I didn't find a LCS but we did find a jewelry store. (I had gotten the address from my father before I left and tucked it into my wallet!) I bought my husband a new wedding band for our anniversary (which is tomorrow the 22nd...21 years) and ended up with a beautiful hand made gold bracelet for myself!
Here's a few photos for you to enjoy!
I will be getting back to crafting and card making really soon.
While we were away I had my bedroom redone so I have been busy putting it all back together. I am in the process of making new window treatments and a bedspread...I'm actually staring at the fabric trying to figure out what to do with it! LOL! I have a huge box that was delivered from SU and can't wait to go through it and start using my new supplies!
Smiles :)

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patty w said...

I am just so jealous!

(not really, well , kinda sorta but , ya know what I mean!)

I am happy that you had such a great trip and thank you for sharing the photo's with us.

I LOVE IT ! Such a beautiful family!

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