Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rhodes and the big boot

Rhodes was beautiful. It was one of our favorites that we visited this trip. The walled city reminded us all of the smaller walled cities of the Tuscany region in Italy. As you walked through the gated city there were several areas that reminded us of the piazzas in Italy. What caught my boys attention were the large boots full of beer. They couldn't wait for us to get off the beach so that we could go to lunch and they could get their hands on Das Boot!
The beach was so much fun. They had a platform in the water that had many levels that you could climb and jump off. Needless to say, my four jumped from the highest level.
The beaches are free of charge, but they charge you for the chairs that you use. This old woman who only spoke Greek comes up to me and holds up her fingers in the air. I'm like what? She sticks her fingers up at me and points to the chairs. She wants 5 Euro each (which was something like $55 for 6 lounge chairs) and won't go away until I pay her. We were only going to stay for maybe an hour, so when the kids came out of the water they found out that they had to share a lounge chair! LOL!
We found this great little restaurant tucked in an alley on our way back to the ship and had a fantastic meal. I have to say that we did not have one bad meal anywhere in Greece or in Italy and that includes the airport food!
After a leasurely 2 hour lunch we found our way back to the ship and sailed off into a beautiful sunset.
Smiles :)


Rosella said...

Lorraine, I've really enjoyed your trip! WOW! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

patty w said...

Das boot is good!

More lovely photo's...what a great looking bunch you are !

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