Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kusadasi, Turkey

Anthony and Cleopatra walked this!

At first I had no real interest in going to visit Turkey at all. The things that I had heard about it were unflattering to say the least. However, while looking up information and things to do while we were there I had read about Mary's House. I knew that I wanted to see this. The Vatican has declared it to be the house that the Virgin Mary lived in after Jesus was crucified. I booked a tour and my two sister in laws joined me. It was such a beautiful moment to visit her home. Just to see a structure that was built around 2AD was magnificent. I was so emotionally and spiritually touched that I was crying. There was a prayer wall outside of her house that you could write a prayer to the Virgin Mary, tie it up in a tissue and hang on the wall. We all did this, then lite a candle and drank from the ancient wells of water that signified family, success and health.

After visiting Mary's house we then went to the ruin of Ephesus. Awesome! The ruins were larger than Pompei and were amazing to look at. Just imagining life back then, and the vast buildings has us staring with our mouths open in wonder. I would have to say that this was one of my favorite spots. We actually walked down steps where Anthony and Cleopatra walked.
I couldn't take enough pictures!
Our tour guide was such a sweetheart. She spoke beautiful English, but every now and then she would falter on a word or two. While sitting in the bus she was speaking about St. Paul, and referred to him as an opossum rather than an apostle! I just lost it. I stated cracking up and couldn't stop laughing. It was a very silly moment!
After our tour we got suckered into going into a rug demonstration. Sasoon, our tour guide told us we were about to see something very Turkish, and we would be served some Turkish wine. Did she say wine? We didn't want to hurt her feelings and we really wanted some wine so we just followed the group. We thought that we were going to see how they made carpets, instead we were brought into a show room where they just kept throwing carpets on the floor for us to look at for purchase. They didn't serve us any wine, they gave us some apple tea (it was very delicious, but it wasn't wine!)
Our husbands kept beeping us on the walkie talkies. My one sister in law flew out of the room, while Kelli and I were still stuck. I looked at her and said, we just have to get up and walk out. So I stand up and said, I'm sorry we have to leave. Our husbands are watching our children and we must go. The salesman, looks at us and just replys "very interesting".
We later found out that Turkish men do not help out with the children at all! Thank heaven we are all married to nonTurks! LOL!
Smiles :)


patty w said...

More great photo's !

Michelle said...

OMG!! I have been there to Mary's house! How awesome is that place?!! I was just so at peace there! Did you make it to St John's Basilica too?! We also made it to the Grand Bazaar but I think I'd need a month of shopping to truly appreciate that place! LOL! Great pictures!

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