Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 2 of our cruise was spent at sea. We had a nice relaxing day in the sun sailing the Adriatic Sea discovering the ship. This ship was huge! Over 3000 passengers and 1500 crew members. I can usually find my way around a ship and on this one I kept getting lost. While the ship was moving I could figure out where the front of the ship was and where the back of the ship was. But if we were docked, forget about it. I got all turned around!
On our 3rd day we arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. From the ship it looked beautiful and the water was so blue. Friends of ours back home had told us about a little spot in Dubrovnik that we just had to visit. So after we walked through the fantastic walled city of Dubrovnik it was time to find our little spot called Busha. Walking through the streets through residential areas we finally fond our little oasis. The only indication that this little tavern existed was a sign hanging on the wall that said cold drinks with an arrow. The appeal of this tavern was that it was situated on a cliff over looking the Adriatic Sea. and the bonus was that you could jump off the cliff into the water. Well, when we told the kids about the cliff jumping they were all over that. I did not jump. It was a 50 foot drop into the sea. No way was I doing that! It was fun to watch the kids jumping off...nerve racking, but I was a proud momma! the sea was so salty that when they hit the water they bounced right up!
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patty w said...

Sounds like quite an adventure developing! Those little out of the way places (tavern etc.) always seem to be great!

Can't wait to read more! Great photo's and that ship is b i g !

Michelle said...

OMG! I"ve been there too! I loved Croatia! It was absolutely beautiful there. I loved how the remains of war are still there yet new plant life has grown around it as the town also rebuilt itself. The views of the water - breathtaking! WOW!

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